Furniture Trends: The Rise of Live Edge Wood Furniture

For the longest time, wood furniture was made to look perfect with right angles and smooth edges. People wanted pieces that were symmetrical and in some sense, normal. Things have started to move in a new direction as live edge wood furniture starts to grow in popularity. A number of factors play into this phenomenon but like any other

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Wood Furniture Trends: What’s in Style Right Now?

Sometimes woodworkers themselves were not always in the trade. In fact, some of them may have been more interested in music and art before making the transition to building unique sustainable furniture. How a person goes from painting pictures or making songs to constructing handmade dining tables may seem like a far stretch at first

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2017 Takes Three Unexpected Trendy Wood Turns: The Furniture Of The Future

  Supperclub Chic Returns (In Good Taste) Don’t expect to walk on walls anytime soon—altered gravity in the home doesn’t become available to the public for a few more years yet—but the floor may be taking a vertical trip soon, as we see more and more trendy magazines featuring wood paneled interior siding. A blast

What To Do When “It Won’t Work”

Have you ever looked at furniture, and thought, boy I wish I had ‘that kind of house?’ Last week, I was at a yard sale, picking through some of the odds and ends our generation seems to have an endless amount of which to rid themselves, and I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on a couple

Get A Custom Built Door For Your Home – The First Impression Every House Gives

When fitting your home with the finest and most stately objects available, doors are far more than just an ‘endcap’ to be slapped onto the “finished” house.  They’re an integral, serious part of the function and form of your home, and should neither be overlooked or underestimated.     Real Wood Exterior Doors If you’re reading