Get A Custom Built Door For Your Home – The First Impression Every House Gives

When fitting your home with the finest and most stately objects available, doors are far more than just an ‘endcap’ to be slapped onto the “finished” house.  They’re an integral, serious part of the function and form of your home, and should neither be overlooked or underestimated.     Real Wood Exterior Doors If you’re reading

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Sourcing Timber in Style: How To Tell Which Wood Is Less Or More Eco-Friendly

Along with ivory, diamonds, and other precious materials, there are some woods that have gone from prize to issue.  It’s a bit of a faux pas for instance, to have ebony hewn, cut, shipped, assembled, sanded, and finished into a piece of furniture for your home.  Wood is unique in being just about the only

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Wood Furniture Trends: What’s in Style Right Now?

Sometimes woodworkers themselves were not always in the trade. In fact, some of them may have been more interested in music and art before making the transition to building unique sustainable furniture. How a person goes from painting pictures or making songs to constructing handmade dining tables may seem like a far stretch at first

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