2017 Takes Three Unexpected Trendy Wood Turns: The Furniture Of The Future


Supperclub Chic Returns (In Good Taste)

Don’t expect to walk on walls anytime soon—altered gravity in the home doesn’t become available to the public for a few more years yet—but the floor may be taking a vertical trip soon, as we see more and more trendy magazines featuring wood paneled interior siding.

A blast from the past?  Sure.  But a cozy one, and as you’re choosing your next carpet or hardwood, keep in mind that it may be advantageous to choose something that sits well beneath lighter colored wood grain.


Hidden Treasures

Most cabinetry is best viewed from the outside.  We all prefer guests to only be privy to the clean, neatly arranged exteriors of what we secretly know to be scraped up drawers, crammed full with a disorganized jumble of CDs, National Geographics, and postcards or graduation announcements from friends and relatives we still haven’t written thank yous to.  It doesn’t have to be that way!

Apparently, some folks are figuring out that the best stuff is as good (or better) on the inside as it is on the outside, and so here’s to treasure chests that are themselves the treasures of 2017.



With stuff like this in your living room, we’ll all be scrambling to open doors and drawers before the dinner guests arrive, and if that means we have to throw some old stuff into a closet…well so maybe that’s for the best.

Rough Edges For A Sharp Look

You’ve probably seen the circular saw planed, rough-hewn floors and doors that are practically exploding across both the interior and exterior design worlds.  Often paired with unpainted steel, they offer breweries, barns, and even bathrooms a touch of western comfort that says, “this place is clean, but wholesome, too.”

Taking it back a notch is an evenly milled, smooth-faced, but unfinished wood floor that shows all the signs of natural aging; you can see in the photo how warped and bowed some of the planks appear to be.

You can’t deny that it pops, though.  Crisp white walls surrounding the floor add to the professionalism of the room, and I could easily imagine a floor of this sort being put in legal offices, health club lobbies, or maybe in the halls and rooms of clinics.

In any case, 2017 is rapidly redefining the role of wood in our home and business design concepts, and making us all consider the possibility that the classiest choice of paint is no paint at all


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