Protecting Your Valuable Deck From Rotting – Save Ya’ Deck!

(There’s Something Rotten In the State of Montana…) In many places I suppose, but definitely, under the wide blue banner of Montana’s big sky, a very important feature of the average home is the deck, or balcony, or patio of some kind, on which Adirondack chairs, grills, and coolers may be enjoyed to their full

Cracked Finish? Here’s an easy fix: Reamalgamation for Dummies

Sometimes, with the heat lightning-esque spider webs of lines they create, it can add a pleasing “aged” effect to furniture, making things look a little more vintage.  Often, though, I think people just tell themselves this so that they feel a little better about watching their furniture show visible signs of growing closer to an

Curing Lumber: The Often Overlooked Step That Could Cost You Big Time

At One Point In Time, I was gifted a quantity of lovely walnut slabs that had been pulled from somewhere out of a relative’s barn or carport.  The pieces had been cut out of the fork in the tree, and their unique shape both inspired and intimidated me, so they didn’t end up getting used

A Quick Fix For Unwanted Spreading Seams In Your Wood Furniture

Having practiced and perfected the age old craft of wooden joinery, and become masters of making furniture that lasts, the people who built your favorite pieces of furniture don’t usually consider how useful knowing how to deal with split seats and wobbly legs is to the consumer.  In all honesty, while you hope that your

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Scratches In Your Wood Furniture? Fix Them Instantly With A Walnut!

  Aging is a funny thing.  It can make wine better, skin worse, and with cheese and relationships it is liable to do either.  In each case, what makes the difference between a well and poorly aged item or person is not the amount of time that it spends aging, but the conditions it spends

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Wood That Goes, “Snap!” In The Night: Preventing Splits In Wood Not Meant For Fire

Moist Rooms For Musicians Shopping for a acoustic guitar, musicians in search of finer instruments to suit their growing prowess eventually find themselves crossing a new threshold, the one that opens into the humidity controlled rooms occupying the backs of guitar shops.  The guitars in these rooms must be kept in a controlled environment so

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Wood Furniture Care Guide – How To Properly Care For Your Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is a beautiful addition to any home or office and when cared for properly, can last a lifetime. The tips and tricks laid out below will give you the basic knowledge needed to care for your cherished wood furniture and keep it in tip top shape.   Avoid Exposure To Heat & Light

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