Get A Custom Built Door For Your Home

When fitting your home with the finest and most stately objects available, doors are far more than just an ‘endcap’ to be slapped onto the “finished” house.  They’re an integral, serious part of the function and form of your home, and should neither be overlooked or underestimated.



Real Wood Exterior Doors

If you’re reading this, and haven’t decided firmly to go with wood doors, shame on you.  Just kidding!  There are plenty of people who care nothing for having real wood exterior doors and would much rather have metal, or fiberglass doors meant to imitate wooden ones.  This is fine…well, mostly.  

To the metal-heads out there, I say only one thing: say hello to my little friend, RUST.  As for those of you who are afraid for the longevity of their real wood doors, and would like a fiberglass one that’ll stick around a bit longer, I can only say that it’s a somewhat spiritual question.

Wood comes from living, breathing organisms, whose lives are begun, lived, and finished, and whose bodies we basically cut into things to sit on, sleep in, and slam behind us.  This sounds disrespectful, but it doesn’t have to be; a door, for instance, can be cared for, loved, and appreciated as a friend who guards our children against the harsh winter winds, and our keepsakes from unwanted burglars.

Wood grains are organic, and no two trees are exactly alike, meaning no two doors have the same lines etched in them, in which we can lay our household memories like a combination bank vault and display case. Choose wood.

Custom Built Wood Doors

Having a door custom built for your entryway isn’t a bad idea, either.  One of the biggest pains in the world is having a finished entryway, and not being able to work the pre-cut door and jam assembly into the scenario.  A door that’s been specially constructed with your entryway in mind?  Now that’s a different story.

Interior doors should always be made of wood.  If you’re not up to the challenge of keeping an exterior door coated and protected from the elements through the years, that’s one thing.  But inside?  Wood. Wood. ALWAYS wood.


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