A Quick Fix For Unwanted Spreading Seams In Your Wood Furniture

Having practiced and perfected the age old craft of wooden joinery, and become masters of making furniture that lasts, the people who built your favorite pieces of furniture don’t usually consider how useful knowing how to deal with split seats and wobbly legs is to the consumer.  In all honesty, while you hope that your

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Curing Lumber: The Often Overlooked Step That Could Cost You Big Time

At One Point In Time, I was gifted a quantity of lovely walnut slabs that had been pulled from somewhere out of a relative’s barn or carport.  The pieces had been cut out of the fork in the tree, and their unique shape both inspired and intimidated me, so they didn’t end up getting used

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Screw It… Or Don’t, The Joys Of Wood Joinery!

There’s no nail like no nails at all. In your high school woodshop class, it’s likely you constructed a bench, or coffee table, or shelf of some kind as the culmination of your semester’s experience.  If you think back, you’ll almost certainly recall using a hole saw drill bit to pull plugs out of some

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Helpful Tips For Avoiding New Furniture “Coulda, Woulda & Shoulda’s”

It’s no fun at all, looking at your fresh remodel or custom wood furniture installment, and finding yourself hitting your own forehead with coulds, woulds, and shoulds. “I should have waited until I saw the carpet before choosing the drawers…” Ouch. “I could have asked around for a second opinion, before putting in a floor that’s

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A Fun Project For The Aspiring Weekend Woodworker

I won’t lie to you, if you want to master something, even something as simple as the making of a single butterfly joint, it’s going to take a lot of time, and a lot of patience.  Mastery is achieved through a lifetime of dedication.   The fortunate flip-side is that not everything needs to be

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Unconventional Table Saw Use: A Powerful Weapon In The War On Wobble

As most people with shops have found out, there is a big difference between a power tool and a powerful tool.  Some tools are better.  Even powerful power tools are not all-powerful, though, and they have their limits.  This is why, in a frustrated series of back and forth and back and forths between our

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Sanding: The Ins and Outs of Everyone’s Least Favorite Task

I should preface this week’s blog entry by backtracking a bit; sanding is not my least favorite task.  I find it to be rewarding, and even relaxing.  Maybe I just have too much patience.  We’ll see. The thing about sanding is that it’s all about perspective.  A guy can come to you with a rough-cut

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Going For Cover – How To Upholster Your Wood Furniture

This week, I’d like to walk you through a step-by-step series of instructions, on how to upholster wood furniture.  Some people (myself included) don’t like parking themselves on hard surfaces for 100% of their meals.  Upholstering is also a good option to consider if you have an ottoman that would be much nicer with a

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5 Easy Ways to Maintain your Custom Wood Furniture

Wood furniture makes a stunning addition to any home. Like anything else in your home, your furniture requires a bit of care to ensure a lasting fresh, youthful appearance. Strength and durability alone are not enough to protect against inevitable damage from moisture, heat, fading, and scratches. Through preventative measures, regular cleaning, and some light

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