Wood Furniture Trends: What’s in Style Right Now?

Sometimes woodworkers themselves were not always in the trade. In fact, some of them may have been more interested in music and art before making the transition to building unique sustainable furniture.

How a person goes from painting pictures or making songs to constructing handmade dining tables may seem like a far stretch at first but when you think about how naturally beautiful wood is, especially reclaimed wood, then you can understand why an artist or another type of creative person could be drawn to the craft of woodworking.


Maintaining Sustainability Is Really In Style

Sustainability is what’s in style right now when it comes to woodworking but you don’t have to sacrifice the beauty of a piece of wood furniture in order to be green-minded. If you chose a custom wood table, for example, not only would you be bringing a natural ray of beauty into your home, but you’d also be helping to save the planet.


Reclaimed Wood Slab Table

Woodworkers of today are more focused on beauty and sustainability, and the trend is catching on with customers around the world as well. People feel good when they do things to help the planet, and it seems as if wood furniture buying is the new, fashionable, green thing to do.

According to the Forest History Society, almost 35% of the wood that is used to make things like slab furniture and handmade wood furniture is thrown away annually. One England wood furniture maker named Richard Mehmed found out that in the United Kingdom alone there were close to 750,000 tons of wood being thrown away every year.

If an environmentally friendly customer of items such as custom wood tables knew that, they would probably line their home with pieces that were made from reclaimed wood. Not only are the pieces lovely, but they will give that customer the peace of mind of knowing that they did what they could to help the planet.


Other Popular Furniture Trends

Another trend in the industry is cutting and serving boards. They are nothing like the normal shaped ones, but hold the designs of the trees that they were cut from, curves and all. Don’t be surprised when you see these in your friends’ kitchens this spring. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are a perfect addition to your cooking areas during the holiday season.

Walnut itself has become another notable trend, and it doesn’t seem to matter what kind of slab tables, custom wood tables or any other type of slab wood furniture the precious walnut wood is made of – people just love the quality of the wood itself in most cases. Slab walnut wood benches also look great indoors, although they still resemble the outdoors with their curvy appeal. Walnut is also popular when it comes to desks, whether the wood has industrial style legs or wooden ones.

live edge wood furniture

Sycamore wood has become popular with dining tables. The way the wood is cut makes all the difference. For example, you may decide to buy a sycamore custom dining table, one that seats eight people (two on the ends and three people across from each other on either side). This way, you can make one side of the table curvy, as to gives the left three people room to lean in on the table.

You could also do the other side that way, but leaving one side flat and the other curvy has more of a dramatic effect. Your guests will want to be seated on the side that is curvy because there is more room for their bellies to stick out after a good meal! Live edge wood tables seemingly are always in high demand as well, so you really can’t go wrong with those either. They can be really rugged on either side of the table, and your guests will remember how lovely it looked after just one meal there.

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