The Bottom Line At Ground Level: Where To Source Your Stunning New Sustainable Wood Floor

With sustainability on everyone’s mind, the prospect of being able to afford a new home, addition, or remodel comes loaded with decisions about where materials from the ceiling to the foundation are sourced. I’m sure that leather for couches and wool or nylon for carpets can be chosen from places all over the ecological spectrum,

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Protecting Your Valuable Deck From Rotting – Save Ya’ Deck!

(There’s Something Rotten In the State of Montana…) In many places I suppose, but definitely, under the wide blue banner of Montana’s big sky, a very important feature of the average home is the deck, or balcony, or patio of some kind, on which Adirondack chairs, grills, and coolers may be enjoyed to their full

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When The Siding of Your House Rots – Help! The Workers Are Gone and There Are Holes In My House!

This week I’d like to address an interesting phenomenon and one that’s important to know about as a homeowner.   While most problems with wood construction are presented to and dealt with by the woodworker, this waits until the worker is long gone, and attacks the (often dismayed) consumer years later. Did You Ever Notice?

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5 Easy Ways to Maintain your Custom Wood Furniture

Wood furniture makes a stunning addition to any home. Like anything else in your home, your furniture requires a bit of care to ensure a lasting fresh, youthful appearance. Strength and durability alone are not enough to protect against inevitable damage from moisture, heat, fading, and scratches. Through preventative measures, regular cleaning, and some light

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