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Custom Rustic Bookcases

 Amazing wood + Master Craftsman = Fine Furniture.

 Unusual, Rustic and Artistic. That’s how I would describe the furnishings designed and hand crafted by Dumond’s Custom Furniture Inc. If you are looking for something to give the room in your home or office that special appeal, this may be the answer. We can design something that will work with your unique needs and tastes in mind.  Call us today to discuss your home or office building project.

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Art Display Cabinet/Bookcase with Video and Audio Custom display cabinet/bookcase for audio and video components and display art work on the two glass shelves.  This cabinet’s glass shelves is held in place on stainless steel wire.

A painted Alder and Birch Bookcase
and entertainment center with pocket and center doors.
Bookcase size 96″ W x 96″ H x 22″ D.

Custom bookcases and office furniture made to order in Montana
by Dumond’s Custom Furniture.

Custom bookcases-

Size 10′ W x 36″ H x 16″ D.

Custom bookcases-

Rustic Cherry Bookcase with  adjustable
Size 78″H x 32″ W x 14″ D.

How It Works

At Dumond’s Custom Furniture, we build everything by hand. From the bookshelves to the bookcases themselves, everything is hand worked to perfection. No two bookcases are the same and each has its own unique character, shape, and dimensions.

If you find a bookcase that you like, we might have it in our warehouse available for purchase. If it is still available, then it could be shipped to your doorstep within a few weeks. If the piece of furniture you like has already been sold, we can custom build a similar piece just for you and have it shipped to your doorstep within eight weeks.

Custom Order A Bookcase

If you’re looking for a custom built bookcase to fit your home or cabin, we can help you out! Let’s say you already have an idea in mind of a custom bookcase that you would like to have. You can submit your idea to us via our Request A Quote Form or call us directly at (406) 777-3772.

Just describe the type of bookcase you’re looking for, the size, shape, wood type, and any examples that you might have and we can give you a custom quote. From there, it takes a few weeks to build the bookcase itself by hand but once it’s complete, it will be shipped to your doorstep within a few weeks.

Why Buy From Us?

  • Our bookcases are built by an expert wood craftsman with over 25 years of experience making furniture
  • All of our furniture is built in our solar powered off the grid wood shop
  • Our custom bookcases are built using recycled, salvaged, & repurposed woods
  • We offer worldwide shipping and a 1-year warranty on workmanship
  • We season our wood -most pieces for 5 years or more
  • All of our furniture is made in the USA
  • Talk directly to the craftsman when you call



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