Fun Places to Get Inspiration for Decorating Your Home

Some people have the most trouble getting inspired on their own when it comes to designing their home. They go to the stores, look at friend’s homes, and sometimes even begin experimenting on their own. They go buy random dining tables, coffee tables, and everything else they can think of.

There is no problem essentially with experimenting but if you don’t know what direction you are going in, it could end up costing you a lot of money, buying this and that until you have a whole lot of extra stuff that won’t fit in your house. That’s why it’s so helpful to seek out inspiration from sources that have been doing it right for a long time.

In the times we live in, all it takes is a quick jump online to find the type of inspiration that we need to get started. That being said, there are a few websites below that have been inspiring people like you for years, and in some cases since the beginning of the development of the internet. But, there are also a couple of real books from authors who put their heart and soul into decorating that you should also take a look at for inspiration. Utilize this list to the best of your ability, and have fun transforming your living spaces.


Try Apartment Therapy

Website –

No, there is not a doctor that you go to for apartment therapy – I mean the website, Apartment Therapy. This is the one on the list that has been around the longest, ever since you first got online back in the day. You probably weren’t looking for inspiration online back then, but they were on the job. Make this your first stop to getting inspiration.

Apartment Therapy gives you info on just about any kind of furniture you could need. They have archives that go back for years, and if you can’t find something that you like then you haven’t looked for long enough. When it comes to sparking ideas for your own place, this is the website to go to, the veterans in the game of home design. You can search by room, browse by column, or look up things by the type of style they are. You’ll definitely find something you like.


Pick up ‘Creative Spaces’

Book – Amazon

Now, this is the book for anyone living in the city. How many times in New York have you seen the smallest apartments that are located in the most fun places? The folks who rent these places have to be asking themselves ‘How can I make my small place feel as good as the neighborhood that it is located in?’

Not hard…just pick up this book! Author Geraldine James does an outstanding job of showing us all how to take one space and make it our own, no matter how large it is.



Visit Dwell

Website –

Dwell is a place where you can go online to hear the real heartfelt stories of designers and developers from all over. If you are into storytelling, then you will love this website.

Not only will you see lots and lots of pictures, but you will get a chance to see the words behind those pictures. This gives the website a home-like atmosphere that will lend you tons of inspiration for your home project(s).


Read ‘A Life Less Ordinary’

Book – Amazon

This lovely book by Zoe Ellison and Alex Legendre offers practical ideas for living spaces that are not so extravagant but feel that way.

These two authors from England portray a style of decorating that does not overdo it, but that offers the opportunity to be inspired into creating living spaces that are well put together, beautiful, and, most of all, livable. This book is all about keeping it simple and that’s always a great start. Keep it simple!

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