• Custom Live Edge Conference Tables

    Custom Live Edge Conference Tables

    This 4-5′ wide x 22′ long custom live edge conference table now lives in Winter Garden, Florida. It is the centerpiece of a new building with 3 offices down either side of the conference room.
  • Custom Live Edge Table Tops

    Custom Live Edge Table Tops

    We have many custom live edge table tops in stock….call today to inquire! Rustic and traditional designs.
  • Custom Furniture made to specification

    Custom Furniture made to specification

    Paul working at the bench planing some walnut.
  • Rustic Headboards

    Rustic Headboards

    This is a beautiful 14′ rustic spalted maple slab headboard. It now lives on the beach in Miami.
  • Custom Live Edge Desks

    Custom Live Edge Desks

    This one is a custom live edge walnut desk with birdseye maple drawer front with ebony pulls.
  • Custom Live Edge Tables

    Custom Live Edge Tables

    This 7′ custom live edge walnut table with 2″ thick acrylic legs make the tabletop appear to float.
  • Custom Dining Tables

    Custom Dining Tables

    We love this 12′ Triple walnut crotch slab custom dining table with inlaid ebony butterflies and mostly straight edges.
  • Custom Live Edge Dining Tables

    Custom Live Edge Dining Tables

    Here we have a 9′ handcrafted live edge double walnut crotch dining table with matching cantilevered chairs. This table now lives outside Dallas.
  • Featured on HGTV

    Featured on HGTV

    6′ cherry crotch handmade custom slab desk with curved front, ebony pulls and floating maple burl panels was featured on the HGTV show Modern Masters.

Custom Wood Furniture
Handmade By Paul Dumond

For Over 25 Years
Using Solar Power / Urban & Reclaimed Woods
Domestic and International Shipping

Amazing wood + Master Craftsman = Fine Furniture.

Find a wide variety of custom wood furniture, from unique live edge conference tables to dining chairs, we build it all… and we do it by hand! We specialize in building custom wood slab tables, desks, chairs, stools, beds, and much more. Our custom wood furniture is uniquely built using Recycled & Reclaimed Wood in our off the grid Solar Powered Shop! You won’t find eco-friendly furniture like this anywhere else.

Many items already in stock. Call and speak directly with the craftsman today (406) 777-3772 or request a quote here!

One Of A Kind Furniture

Each piece of custom wood furniture is meticulously handcrafted by master woodworker Paul Dumond. These unique one-of-a-kind wood slab furniture pieces are all designed and built in the USA. You won’t find craftsmanship like this anywhere else. Paul Dumond is a true Modern Woodworking Master!

Dumond’s Custom Furniture

As seen on…

Why Dumond’s Custom Furniture

  • Solar powered off-grid wood shop
  • Recycled, salvaged, repurposed woods available
  • Over 25 years experience making furniture
  • Worldwide shipping
  • 1-year warranty on workmanship
  • Seasoned wood -most for 5 years or more
  • Made in the USA
  • Handcrafted furniture made one piece at a time
  • Talk directly to the craftsman when you call
  • References available upon request
  • We value our past, present and future customers
  • Excellence is a priority on each piece

Our Story

For 25 years, furniture maker Paul Dumond has been building custom wood furniture that is unusual, unique, rustic, contemporary and one of a kind. In recent years he has been buying recycled urban trees in an effort to reuse, repurpose and recycle salvaged urban hardwood trees that would otherwise be taken to the landfill or chopped up into firewood.

We use this wood to build unique live edge dining tables, handmade executive desks, unusual boardroom tables, rustic live edge coffee tables, bar tops and handcrafted benches and stools… all made to order and shipped worldwide.

Custom Wood Slab Furniture

custom furniture

Paul and his wife Kathie built a solar wood shop that is off-grid and nestled on a hillside in the Sapphire Mountains in the Bitterroot Valley, Montana. It seemed only logical that using solar power to build his custom wood furniture would lead to more ecological use of hardwood lumber. Eco friendly handmade furniture has now become the goal. “Green” eco furniture that is good for the environment.

Organic shapes are used in his custom live edge tables, desks, boardroom and conference tables. Natural edges and live edges make his slab dining tables and other slab furniture truly unique and one of a kind. Paul can also straight edge the slab tops if you’d prefer straight edges instead of live edges?

You can view his current slab inventory on the site under custom furniture—–> tables—–> custom table tops. Under the custom table tops page there are extra large table tops, large table tops, medium table tops and small table tops. I can also special order custom table tops from a network of sawmills who carry only the best hardwoods in the USA. These are not rainforest hardwoods that will likely warp and crack because it is from a tropical climate.

Paul has a huge slab inventory that has been growing for the last 25 years. Some of the most beautiful slab tops are in my shed and await use for your custom dining table or live edge conference table. Our slabs are walnut, cherry, maple, sycamore, elm, bubinga, ebony and some other unusual hardwoods with live edges. Call Paul today at 406-777-3772 to inquire. They also make great desk tops, table tops and even live edge bar tops. He ships his custom wood furniture throughout the USA and the world.

Custom Wood Slab Table Tops

Custom Table Bases

Paul’s custom wood furniture lives in a wide variety of settings. Log homes in the West, high rise apartments in Manhattan and beach houses in Florida. Some view his furniture as rustic. Others view it as contemporary-modern depending on the materials that are used in conjunction with the beautiful wood tops.

He can use wood for the table bases OR steel, stainless steel, salvaged steel roofing from old Montana buildings or clear 2” thick acrylic or glass for a modern look.

A 4’ x 22’ long live edge claro walnut slab was used to build a custom conference table that is now the centerpiece of a business outside of Orlando, Florida. The unique live edge table was installed into the center of the building in a 20’ x 40’ room with glass walls on either side.

Each individual office runs along side the table looking toward the center of the building where the 22’ custom conference table resides sitting upon a steel base on a concrete floor. The owner of the business flew to Montana and drove to our solar powered wood shop to discuss design features. Discussing electrical cutouts for the table top, table base options and moved onto an executive desk with return for his office. He ended up using 3 steel I-beams for the base of his boardroom conference table. He was amazed at the beauty and variety of color in his live edge claro walnut top!

Call Paul today at 406-777-3772 to discuss that special project you have in mind for your home of office.

George Nakashima and his book “The Soul Of A Tree” truly has inspired Paul’s slab style furniture. This Nakashima furniture style can be handcrafted into dining tables, desks, and bar tops; only your imagination can limit its uses. George Nakashima was a great creator of handmade furniture. We miss him, however, we will carry on the Nakashima tradition of fine handcrafted live edge furniture with organic shapes.

We use slabs that are up to 22 foot long and 5 foot wide to make our fine furniture. We use unique reclaimed slabs of walnut, cherry, maple, sycamore, elm, bubinga, ebony and some other unusual hardwoods with live edges. We use recycled urban trees in an effort to reuse, repurpose and recycle salvaged urban hardwoods that would otherwise be taken to the landfill. Each piece of custom wood slab furniture is unique and one of a kind. We can special order wood slabs up to 22’ long and 5’ wide.

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We provide free quotes for all our furniture and free estimates for custom builds. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to help.

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Custom Wood Furniture

If you’re in the market for custom wood furniture, then you have likely come across the name Dumonds. This company and its homemade furniture is the creation of Paul Dumond. He has been making his creations for over 25 years now. Shipping is available worldwide and here we will take a look at some of the different types of furniture that is available. We cover multiple types of styles: rustic, live edge, natural edge, and more.

What Types Of Furniture Are Available?

Anyone who searches the site will find a wide range of custom wood furniture that includes rustic custom dining room tables, table tops, custom conference tables, cabinets, desk, beds, chairs, bar tops, kitchen islands, and countertops. Some of the specialties that are offered include custom wood desk, stools, slab tables and much more. The furniture is made from recycled and reclaimed wood that comes from the off-grid solar powered shop we have.

Anyone who is especially interested in handmade furniture that is both beautiful and eco-friendly will find that there really is no other place quite like Dumonds. Every piece of furniture is made by Paul Dumond who is a master woodworker. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind and it is all American made. It is unlikely you will find craftsmanship at this level anywhere else.

Why Should You Go With Dumond’s Custom Furniture?

Because each piece is uniquely handmade by a master craftsman it means that you will receive not only the highest quality but something that doesn’t exist elsewhere. These pieces are made at the solar-powered off grid wood shop and he uses only salvaged and recycled wood. Paul Dumond has over a quarter of a century of experience making this special furniture. The furniture can be shipped worldwide and comes with a one year warranty on the workmanship.

The furniture is made in the USA and is handcrafted one piece at a time. When you call about your peace you’re able to talk directly to the master craftsman himself. Excellence is the top priority when making each piece of unique furniture.

Custom Wood Dining Room Tables

Anyone looking for a unique dining table can either come to the website and choose one of the tables that are already made and ready for sale, or they can request a custom dining room table made specifically for the needs of the individual. Either way a person decides to go, they will get a highly unique piece of furniture that is made to stand up to the rigors of time. Among the ones that are ready to be made and shipped to you include the Burl Claro Walnut dining table. It’s six foot long and 31 inches wide and can be made to order.

The Burl Maple slab dining table is also 6 foot long and 31 inches wide and made of maple Burl slab and comes with a walnut base. The curly maple dining room table is 9 feet long and 31 inches wide and is made with a curly piece of maple slab and a uniquely sculpted base. There’s also a walnut slab dining table that comes with straight edges and uses cherry, oak, maple and other excellent Hardwoods.

Custom Wood Conference Tables

Anyone looking for the highest quality while also having something that is highly unique should consider these custom wood conference tables. The Book Matched Walnut Crotch conference room table is 9 foot long by 40 inches wide. There is also the Welch which is very large and wide and comes with natural edges and made of Walnut slab. This table is 9 feet long and up to 65 inches wide. There’s also the uniquely-shaped Claro Walnut conference table which stands 30 inches high by up to 47 inches wide and 64 inches long.

Custom Wood Table Tops

Like all the other furniture made here, you can get one of the table tops for sale on the site or you can request something that is uniquely custom for you. Among the available tabletops is the 8 foot Maple Live Edge. It is individualy made and has a unique grain. The 14-foot custom Live Edge Walnut tabletop has a unique grain and you can custom-order your peace. The 10-foot Bubinga slab table top is very unique and many of the selections are available.

The curly Maple table top is also very unique in its look. The Live Match Maple slab table top is very unique and can also come with its own custom chairs and bench. The Edgewood slab custom table tops are unique and many are available with some very unusual slabs that will set it apart from any other.

Custom Wood Desks

We use only hand-selected wood slabs that are unique from around the world and we build our special desks that are like nothing you’ll find elsewhere. You can order a custom-made desk, or you can choose among the custom walnut computer tables, or the handmade walnut slab executive desk or the very unique burled maple executive desk. These are just some of the ones that are available and as already mentioned, a custom desks can also be made upon request.

Custom Wood Bar & Counter Tops

We also design beautifully designed counter tops, bar tops and kitchen islands.

Custom Wood Cabinets

As with all the other furniture, the selection includes unique request as well as handmade contents that are ready for sale. The Martins custom wood cabinet is built with maple and English walnut. It is customizable wood cabinet specifically for media storage and custom-made versions can be requested for stereo cabinets. These cabinets are very unusual and highly unique and really catch the eye. There is also an art display cabinet that includes sections for video and audio.

Additional Furniture That Is Available

As well as the pieces that have already been mentioned, you can also get highly unique chairs, beds, kitchen islands, countertops, and even bar tops. As with all the other furniture offered by Dumond’s, there is a selection of pieces that can be ordered directly from the website and any can be special ordered to fit particular needs. For handcrafted highly unique furniture such as this that is Eco-friendly, the prices are very reasonable and shipping is available nationally and around the world.

Custom Wood Furniture Quincy MA

If you have been searching for a custom wood furniture store, one that can make you very unique furniture for your home, you want to consider working with Dumonds. This is a business that has been creating this furniture for over 25 years, and has many customers worldwide. They offer many different styles of this naturalistic furniture that uses a live edge or natural edge design. If you are upgrading the interior of your home, or if you are moving to a new home and need new furniture, here is what the Dumonds custom wood furniture store can do for you.

Why Choose Custom Wood Furniture?

Many people that decide to purchase custom wood furniture are simply looking for something that is absolutely unique. They may have been to one of the larger furniture stores in their city, but they could not find anything that would work at their new home. As a result of that, they may have started looking at custom furniture that is available from a store like Dumonds. This is a company that not only creates unique furniture, but they are one of the most eco-friendly businesses, powering all of their equipment using solar power. They make a wide assortment of custom furniture including stools, desks, chairs, beds, and also unique custom tables.

Dining Tables Quincy MA

The tables that this company produces are made from unique slabs of lumber, ones that are typically discarded and left to decompose. These typically originate from the outside of large trees, ones that will not have a consistent shape. It is this inconsistency that is in the form of these slabs that makes the furniture from this company so different. Every piece of handmade furniture that they produce is beautiful, eco-friendly, and will be something that will be the centerpiece of any room that it is in. If you would like to order live edge or natural edge tables from this business, they can produce custom wood slab tables that will be perfect for your home.

Table Tops Quincy MA

In the same way that they create custom wood tables for your living room, or perhaps a workshop, they can also create dining room tables that are exquisite. They may even create kitchen islands, countertops, and bar tops if you have one inside of your home that you are moving into. If you are simply upgrading your existing home, improving upon the home decor that you have right now, a custom live edge rustic table will be perfect for almost any home. They are so unique, people will also order even smaller tables, such as coffee tables, that will match this decor.

Coffee Tables Quincy MA

When most people think about these slab tables, they are typically thinking about dining room tables, or even conference room tables that are used in corporate settings. However, coffee tables can also be constructed using these rustic slabs of lumber. The lumber that is used might be aged for as long as five years, ensuring that it is quality wood that will last a long time. These can be made from many different types of wood including ebony, elm, and sycamore to name a few. You may have this done at the same time as your dining room table for your home, or perhaps you do have an office where you will need to have a conference table constructed in the same way. Slab style furniture is in, especially if you have a large business with a conference room.

Conference Tables Quincy MA

If you do have your own business, or if you are a manager or part owner in a business, you may need to invest in a slab style conference table. You might need to remove one that you currently have because it is too small, or perhaps you are also redecorating this area of your corporate building. These can be very elegant, if they are done the right way. That’s why many people come to Dumonds. They know that they will get quality furniture every time, and with a table that is this size, they need to work with a business that can get access to North American hardwoods like sycamore, maple, or even cherry wood that will have that unique appearance.

Why You Should Get Slab Style Countertops

These are becoming more popular than ever before. In the past, the most popular countertops were made of some type of stone. For example, you may have a stone countertop made of granite or marble, or even quartzite, but slab style countertops are definitely becoming popular. You may realize that this is what you need to fit the rustic appeal of the rest of your home, and a natural edge countertop will be perfect. It may match your cherrywood cabinets, and your hardwood floor, creating the perfect rustic appeal that you would like to create.

Why Slab Desks Are Back In Style

Part of the reason for the popularity of slab desks is that they are made to last. Companies like Dumonds have been producing them for decades, but this company is certainly one of the best. Regardless of where you live in the world, or the type of business you are in, a natural edge desk might be exactly what you need. All of the original wood grains of the tree from which this slab of wood was cut will be visible on these perfectly desks that everyone will admire. This type of furniture is not limited to indoor use. You can also get furniture that can be used outside. If you happen to have a rustic exterior to your home, perhaps you need to consider getting a hardwood bench that is made of this type of material.

Benches Quincy MA

Benches are notoriously very similar, regardless of where you purchase them. There are major companies that make them all over the world. If you are looking for something unique, then you should consider purchasing a natural edge bench that is going to stand out. If you already have a very naturalistic exterior to your home, perhaps with a gazebo or patio, this will fit perfectly in this type of setting. These are designed to last, and can be made of materials like walnut, elm, or bubinga. Regardless of your choice, this unique bench will be the primary focus of the people that come to visit, which includes friends and family. To go with that bench, if you are continuing to create a more rustic appearance outside, you might need chairs that people can sit on. These can be designed for both interior and exterior use, and with the master craftsman that work for Dumonds, you will definitely have a unique set of chairs for people to use.

Chairs Quincy MA

If you have already placed an order for a table that you will use in your dining room, or perhaps a conference room table using these natural slabs, you may want to consider matching this rustic appearance with chairs created in the same way. These are simply smaller pieces of the slabs of wood that are purchased and salvaged by this company. You should also know that the word they use is recycled, and that is another reason to consider working with this company which is so eco-friendly. Once they have created the chairs for you, you will have your tables and chairs ready to be shipped. There are a few other things to consider. You may want to consider upgrading your bedrooms, and this can be done by purchasing a handcrafted bed from this company.

Beds Quincy MA

There is nothing better than purchasing a brand-new set of furniture for your bedroom, something that is extremely unique. It’s one of those areas in your home where you will spend quite a bit of time with your significant other, and you want it to look the best. If you have a rustic design throughout your home, why not continue your progress of improving your home decor by having one of these rustic beds created. These will be made from the same type of salvaged or repurposed wood slabs that they purchase from many of the sawmills that they have relationships within the area.

Cabinets Quincy MA

Live edge or natural edge cabinets are one of the more popular items that is constructed at Dumonds. Like all of the other furniture that they create, each of these cabinets will be completely unique having used these handpicked slabs of wood. They are going to have that unique grainy appearance, built to perfection, allowing you to improve your kitchen dramatically. You can also have these made for your bathroom if you would like to have cabinets in there as well.

Kitchen Counter Tops Quincy MA

While you are placing your order for your kitchen cabinets, you may want to consider replacing your countertop as well. Specifically, you may want to order one for the bar where you have breakfast, or where you serve drinks when you have guests over. This can improve the interior appearance of any home, a place where people spend most of their time when they are at their household. The kitchen is a very popular area, and by having a live edge kitchen countertop, combined with a natural edge slab for your bar, this will complete your home improvement of this area of the house.

Kitchen Islands Quincy MA

One final thing to consider doing in the kitchen area is putting in a kitchen island. Many people do not realize how useful these are until they have one. It gives you that little bit of extra counterspace that is necessary when preparing large meals. It is where most people will chop up vegetables, meat, or simply pour drinks that are going to be served. You can choose from the many different types of slabs of wood they will have available. In most cases, you will want to match the type of wood that you have already. If you have already decided to use walnut, elm, ebony, or even Sycamore in the kitchen area, simply have the master craftsmen at Dumonds create this kitchen island at the same time.

Nakashima Natural Edge, Slab, Live Edge, Reclaimed Wood, and Rustic Quincy Massachusetts

If you have not ordered anything from Dumonds before, you will be surprised at how incredible their furniture actually is. When you make anything from a slab of lumber, you will end up having the only piece of furniture in the world that is going to have this appearance. According to many people, this is one of the main benefits of using live edge or natural edge furniture that is all made from reclaimed wood. If your goal is to create a very rustic appearance at your home, or even outside of your home, contact Dumonds to get them started on the furniture you would like to purchase in Quincy Massachusetts.