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Helpful Tips For Avoiding New Furniture “Coulda, Woulda & Shoulda’s”

It’s no fun at all, looking at your fresh remodel or custom wood furniture installment, and finding yourself hitting your own forehead with coulds, woulds, and shoulds. “I should have waited until I saw the carpet before choosing the drawers…” Ouch. “I could have asked around for a second opinion, before putting in a floor that’s

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2017 Takes Three Unexpected Trendy Wood Turns: The Furniture Of The Future

  Supperclub Chic Returns (In Good Taste) Don’t expect to walk on walls anytime soon—altered gravity in the home doesn’t become available to the public for a few more years yet—but the floor may be taking a vertical trip soon, as we see more and more trendy magazines featuring wood paneled interior siding. A blast

Screw It… Or Don’t, The Joys Of Wood Joinery!

There’s no nail like no nails at all. In your high school woodshop class, it’s likely you constructed a bench, or coffee table, or shelf of some kind as the culmination of your semester’s experience.  If you think back, you’ll almost certainly recall using a hole saw drill bit to pull plugs out of some

The Bottom Line At Ground Level: Where To Source Your Stunning New Sustainable Wood Floor

With sustainability on everyone’s mind, the prospect of being able to afford a new home, addition, or remodel comes loaded with decisions about where materials from the ceiling to the foundation are sourced. I’m sure that leather for couches and wool or nylon for carpets can be chosen from places all over the ecological spectrum,

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Sourcing Timber in Style: How To Tell Which Wood Is Less Or More Eco-Friendly

Along with ivory, diamonds, and other precious materials, there are some woods that have gone from prize to issue.  It’s a bit of a faux pas for instance, to have ebony hewn, cut, shipped, assembled, sanded, and finished into a piece of furniture for your home.  Wood is unique in being just about the only

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Seat Yourself: Finding Chairs That Are the Right Match For You and Your Table

In my friends’ family home in Montana, they have a family heirloom that takes up most of the room it’s kept in. It’s a Scandinavian teak dining table, with two center-inserting leaves, and a storage compartment built to the underside to house them. As a part of that set they have eight matching chairs, built

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Curing Lumber: The Often Overlooked Step That Could Cost You Big Time

At One Point In Time, I was gifted a quantity of lovely walnut slabs that had been pulled from somewhere out of a relative’s barn or carport.  The pieces had been cut out of the fork in the tree, and their unique shape both inspired and intimidated me, so they didn’t end up getting used

A Quick Fix For Unwanted Spreading Seams In Your Wood Furniture

Having practiced and perfected the age old craft of wooden joinery, and become masters of making furniture that lasts, the people who built your favorite pieces of furniture don’t usually consider how useful knowing how to deal with split seats and wobbly legs is to the consumer.  In all honesty, while you hope that your

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Scratches In Your Wood Furniture? Fix Them Instantly With A Walnut!

  Aging is a funny thing.  It can make wine better, skin worse, and with cheese and relationships it is liable to do either.  In each case, what makes the difference between a well and poorly aged item or person is not the amount of time that it spends aging, but the conditions it spends

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Wood That Goes, “Snap!” In The Night: Preventing Splits In Wood Not Meant For Fire

Moist Rooms For Musicians Shopping for a acoustic guitar, musicians in search of finer instruments to suit their growing prowess eventually find themselves crossing a new threshold, the one that opens into the humidity controlled rooms occupying the backs of guitar shops.  The guitars in these rooms must be kept in a controlled environment so

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