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Dumond’s Custom Furniture Scholarship For The Arts

Dumond’s Scholarship for the Arts was established to support students who are majoring in disciplines within the arts. The scholarship is for students pursuing a degree in the Arts who show dedication to their craft and a desire to achieve excellence in their field of study. The award amount is $1,000.


To be eligible for this scholarship students must:

– Have at least a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale

– Be pursuing a degree in an Art discipline

– Or you must be attending a woodworking institution/program

Application Process

To complete this application you will need:

  • To write an essay that fits within the guidelines
  • To provide an unofficial transcript

Submitting Your Application

  • Please upload your application documents in the submission form below
  • Must include a copy of your unofficial transcript
  • Must include your essay in .txt or .docx format

The deadline for submitting your application is November 30, 2017. The scholarship itself will be awarded to the most outstanding applicant at the end of December 2017.

Please contact Paul Dumond if you have any questions: pauldumond@dumonds.com

Essay Guidelines

In order to qualify, your essay must be based on one of the 6 topics listed below. Your essay also needs to contain at least 500 words and be both creative and unique.

Essay Topics For Woodworking Students

  1. Who has most influenced your artistic style and why
  2. Where do you see the art of woodworking in 5 years
  3. What role has woodworking played in your life

Essay Topics For Non-woodworking Students

  1. Up and coming art trends
  2. The importance of art in life and community
  3. What inspires you to create your form of art

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