Wood That Goes, “Snap!” In The Night: Preventing Splits In Wood Not Meant For Fire

Moist Rooms For Musicians Shopping for a acoustic guitar, musicians in search of finer instruments to suit their growing prowess eventually find themselves crossing a new threshold, the one that opens into the humidity controlled rooms occupying the backs of guitar shops.  The guitars in these rooms must be kept in a controlled environment so

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You Mean... Not Everyone Likes Yellow? Window shopping for clothes, furniture, rugs, and paintings for your walls always yields something unexpected—especially when you’re with other people.  That’s not to say you’re sure to find something that will wow and amaze you every time you duck into an outlet to see what’s there.  The unexpected comes in

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How Designers Use Recycled Wood in Furniture Building

Many times when the average homeowner imagines or is actually observing a professional woodworker working on a project such as a handmade dining table or any other type of handmade wood furniture, they may be observing the final stages of work. For example, the designer of the table may be putting on the finishing touches,

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5 Tips for Picking the Right Dining Table for Your Home

So, you are having trouble picking just the right handmade or custom dining table for your home. People don’t realize it, but it is a big decision. You want the one you pick to last a while and fit your lifestyle. If you have a big family, then you want one that suits them. If

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