Custom Wood Furniture By Paul Dumond

Find a wide variety of custom handmade wood slab furniture from custom conference tables to dining chairs, we build it all… and we do it by hand! We specialize in custom wood slab tables, desks, chairs, stools, beds, and much more.

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Dumond’s Custom Furniture

Art On The Living Edge

Walk into Paul Dumond’s workshop in Montana and You’ll see some unusual things: Slabs of wood the size of pool tables; solar panels numerously enough to power 3-horsepower machines and 700-pound chunks of salvaged I-beam.

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Why Dumond’s?

  • Solar powered off-grid wood shop
  • Recycled, salvaged, repurposed woods available
  • Over 25 years experience making custom furniture
  • Worldwide shipping
  • 1-year warranty on workmanship
  • Seasoned wood -most for 5 years or more
  • Made in the USA
  • Handcrafted furniture made one piece at a time
  • Talk directly to the craftsman when you call
  • References available upon request
  • We value our past, present and future customers
  • Excellence is a priority on each piece

Our Story

For 25 years, furniture maker Paul Dumond has been building custom furniture that is unusual, unique, rustic, contemporary and one of a kind. In recent years he has been buying recycled urban trees in an effort to reuse, repurpose and recycle salvaged urban hardwood trees that would otherwise be taken to the landfill or chopped up into firewood. We use this wood to build custom dining tables, handmade executive desks, unusual boardroom tables, rustic coffee tables, custom table tops, custom bar tops and handcrafted benches and stools…….all made to order and shipped worldwide.

Custom Wood Slab Furniture
The Artist and the Solar Powered Shop

Off The Grid

Paul and his wife Kathie built a solar wood shop that is off-grid and nestled on a hillside in the Sapphire Mountains in the Bitterroot Valley, Montana. It seemed only logical that using solar power to build his custom solar furniture would lead to more ecological use of hardwood lumber. Eco friendly handmade custom furniture has now become the goal. “Green” eco furniture that is good for the environment. Organic shapes are used in his custom tables, custom desks, custom boardroom and conference tables. Natural edges and live edges make his slab dining tables and other slab furniture truly unique and one of a kind. Paul can also straight edge the slab tops if you’d prefer straight edges instead of live edges?

Wood Slab Table Tops

You can view his current slab inventory on the site under custom furniture—–> tables—–> custom table tops. Under the custom table tops page there are extra large table tops, large table tops, medium table tops and small table tops. I can also special order custom table tops from a network of sawmills who carry only the best hardwoods in the USA. These are not rainforest hardwoods that will likely warp and crack because it is from a tropical climate.

Paul has a huge slab inventory that has been growing for the last 25 years. Some of the most beautiful slab tops are in my shed and await use for your custom dining table or custom conference table. Our slabs are walnut, cherry, maple, sycamore, elm, bubinga, ebony and some other unusual hardwoods with live edges. Call Paul today at 406-777-3772 to inquire. They also make great custom desk tops, table tops and bar tops. He ships his custom furniture throughout the USA and the world.

Custom Wood Slab Table Tops
Custom Table Bases

Unique Table Bases

Paul’s custom furniture lives in a wide variety of settings. Log homes in the West, high rise apartments in Manhattan and beach houses in Florida. Some view his custom furniture as rustic. Others view it as contemporary-modern depending on the materials that are used in conjunction with the beautiful wood tops. He can use wood for the table bases OR steel, stainless steel, salvaged steel roofing from old Montana buildings or clear 2” thick acrylic or glass for a modern look.

Nakashima Inspired Furniture

George Nakashima and his book “The Soul Of A Tree” truly has inspired Paul’s slab style furniture. This Nakashima furniture style can be handcrafted into dining tables, desks, table tops and bar tops; only your imagination can limit its uses. George Nakashima was a great creator of handmade furniture. We miss him, however will carry on the Nakashima tradition of fine handcrafted live edge furniture with organic shapes. We use slabs that are up to 22 foot long and 5 foot wide to make our fine furniture. We use slabs of walnut, cherry, maple, sycamore, elm, bubinga, ebony and some other unusual hardwoods with live edges. We use recycled urban trees in an effort to reuse, repurpose and recycle salvaged urban hardwoods that would otherwise be taken to the landfill. Each piece of slab wood is unique and one of a kind. We can special order slabs up to 22’ long and 5’ wide.

Custom Nakashima Furniture
Custom Wood Slab Conference Tables

Using Large Wood Slabs

A 4’ x 22’ long claro walnut slab was used to build a custom conference table, custom boardroom table that is now the centerpiece of a business outside of Orlando, Florida. The table was installed into the center of the building in a 20’ x 40’ room with glass walls on either side. Each individual office runs along side the table looking toward the center of the building where the 22’ custom conference table resides sitting upon a steel base on a concrete floor. The owner of the business flew to Montana and drove to our solar powered wood shop to discuss design features. Discussing electrical cutouts for the table top, table base options and moved onto an executive desk with return for his office. He ended up using 3 steel I-beams for the base of his custom boardroom conference table. He was amazed at the beauty and variety of color in his custom claro walnut top!

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Call Paul today at 406-777-3772 to discuss that special project you have in mind for your home of office.



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