Seat Yourself: Finding Chairs That Are the Right Match For You and Your Table

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In my friends’ family home in Montana, they have a family heirloom that takes up most of the room it’s kept in. It’s a Scandinavian teak dining table, with two center-inserting leaves, and a storage

Curing Lumber: The Often Overlooked Step That Could Cost You Big Time

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At One Point In Time, I was gifted a quantity of lovely walnut slabs that had been pulled from somewhere out of a relative’s barn or carport.  The pieces had been cut out of the

A Quick Fix For Unwanted Spreading Seams In Your Wood Furniture

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Having practiced and perfected the age old craft of wooden joinery, and become masters of making furniture that lasts, the people who built your favorite pieces of furniture don’t usually consider how useful knowing how

Scratches In Your Wood Furniture? Fix Them Instantly With A Walnut!

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  Aging is a funny thing.  It can make wine better, skin worse, and with cheese and relationships it is liable to do either.  In each case, what makes the difference between a well and

Wood That Goes, “Snap!” In The Night: Preventing Splits In Wood Not Meant For Fire

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Moist Rooms For Musicians Shopping for a acoustic guitar, musicians in search of finer instruments to suit their growing prowess eventually find themselves crossing a new threshold, the one that opens into the humidity controlled


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You Mean... Not Everyone Likes Yellow? Window shopping for clothes, furniture, rugs, and paintings for your walls always yields something unexpected—especially when you’re with other people.  That’s not to say you’re sure to find something that

How Designers Use Recycled Wood in Furniture Building

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Many times when the average homeowner imagines or is actually observing a professional woodworker working on a project such as a handmade dining table or any other type of handmade wood furniture, they may be

5 Tips for Picking the Right Dining Table for Your Home

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So, you are having trouble picking just the right handmade or custom dining table for your home. People don’t realize it, but it is a big decision. You want the one you pick to last

Wood Furniture Trends: What’s in Style Right Now?

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Sometimes woodworkers themselves were not always in the trade. In fact, some of them may have been more interested in music and art before making the transition to building unique sustainable furniture. How a person

Wood Furniture Care Guide – How To Properly Care For Your Wood Furniture

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Wood furniture is a beautiful addition to any home or office and when cared for properly, can last a lifetime. The tips and tricks laid out below will give you the basic knowledge needed to

Fun Places to Get Inspiration for Decorating Your Home

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Some people have the most trouble getting inspired on their own when it comes to designing their home. They go to the stores, look at friend’s homes, and sometimes even begin experimenting on their own.

5 Tips for Selecting a Unique Coffee Table That Fits Your Style

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Has that old coffee table in your living room lost its luster? Maybe it’s still good, but has it grown with you over the years? Maybe the style just hasn’t kept up with the times,

Furniture Trends: The Rise of Live Edge Wood Furniture

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For the longest time, wood furniture was made to look perfect with right angles and smooth edges. People wanted pieces that were symmetrical and in some sense, normal. Things have started to move in a new direction as